Frequently asked questions

Choose your own website hosting.

Our competitors force you to use their own servers but what would happen if they ceased trading? Your entire online business would be lost forever. With ShirtTools, you host your site and keep a backup of the code.

Minimum server requirements 

Server Specification

  • Apache Web Server
  • Memory limit of server to be at least
  • 1056mb
  • PHP 5.4+
  • MySQL 5+
  • Ability to set Cron to run every minute

PHP Settings

  • Register Globals: Off
  • Magic Quotes GPC: Off
  • File Uploads: On
  • Session Auto Start: Off

PHP Extensions

  • GD – For image resizing
  • cURL – For making external calls
  • mCrypt
  • ZIP
  • ionCube – to run our php encoded files
  • imagick – to make 300 dpi PNG images
  • JSON
  • mod_rewrite

Check your server

Download this file and upload to your server. Access it from a web browser and it will produce an on-screen report.

Bluehost Hosting

We recommend Bluehost Hosting for Shirttools. Their plans are great value and you get 24/7 support via live chat or phone, plus a free domain name!

Choose their shared server Plus Plan if you want to take payments using PayPal.

Choose their shared server Pro Plan if you’re going to use another gateway for payments. The Pro Plan includes an SSL and IP address plus more speed.

90% of our customers use Bluehost. It’s great value for money.

Frequently asked questions


How long does it take to install?

We install the same day.

What is the order process?

First you need to arrange some hosting. Not every host allows us to configure the server to meet the minimum hosting requirements on this page, that’s why we recommend Bluehost because it’s affordable, expandable and works straight out of the box.

Next you need to buy the ShirtTools software. Click the “BUY NOW” link on the main menu.

Once we receive your order you will be sent an email requesting your domain name and hosting details. Then we can install.

What kind of support do I get?

You get 12 months FREE ticket support and version updates.

Second year support is optional and costs $250. You will always own the software.


I'm new to all this, how hard is it to setup?

You don’t technical skills but you must be willing to put in the time to learn. We have a documentation site to teach you about the designer and ticket support should you need our help.

The best place to learn the Opencart shopping cart platform is YouTube. There are hundreds of video tutorials that walk you through every step of its operation.

The Journal theme has extensive documentation that explains every function for styling the look and feel of your site.

Will you build my website for me?

We can quote to build your site once you have submitted a design brief. Contact us for details.

Online Designer

I already have a website, can I just buy the designer tool on its own?

The designer only works with the Opencart ecommerce platform, which we install as part of the ShirtTools package.

It’s easy to add custom pages and change the styling, so we recommend you move your website content over to the store and keep everything in one place.

However, If you really must keep your existing website then you could create a hyperlink.

I don't print clothing, so will this still work for my business?

Absolutely, You can add any type of product to the store, we’ve got customers using ShirtTools in all types of personalisation industries.

I sell button badges, can the design area be circular shape?

The design area can be any shape you like. You can even block out part of a product (such as the camera lens on a phone case or the hands on a clock).

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