Change Logs

ShirtTools version 5 has reached the end of it's life.
Please contact us via to upgrade to ShirtTools version 6.

9th August, 2016

  • Journal update to 2.7.4
    • Fixed an issue with videos in Revolution slider module
    • Fixed an issue with the delete product button on the compare page
    • Fixed an issue with Super Filter tag search
    • Fixed an issue with rich snippets price currency fix
    • Fixed an issue with the Popup module close (x) button
    • Fixed an issue with the SuperFilter category breadcrumbs
    • Fixed an issue with Quick Checkout save empty response
    • Fixed an issue with the Popup in IOS
    • Fixed an issue with the blog SEO url
    • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Paypal Express not sending shipping info
  • Bug fixes

28th March, 2016

  • Cart page modification so that customers can now change quantities of garments using the size/color grid.
  • Show an alert message when a customer tries to leave the designer screen
  • New language string added, if you have a non english site then contact us via
  • Journal theme updated to 2.7.1
    • Added Flyout menu cache option
    • Fixed an issue with Rich Snippets rating at the product page
    • Fixed a Stripe payment issues on the Quick Checkout
    • Fixed Quick Checkout issues with auto-save field options
    • Fixed a CSS display issue with slider text captions on the latest Chrome version
    • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Bug fixes

9th Februrary, 2016

  • New menu header on the designer page which can be configured in the ShirtTools admin panel.
  • Journal theme updated to 2.6.9
    • Fixed an issue with images in CKeditor
    • Fixed an issue with category limit in Carousel and Custom Sections
    • Fixed an issue with the Popup module and Escape key
    • Updated Google Fonts library to the latest fonts
    • Fixed an issue with the Push Options auto price update
    • Fixed issue with the countdown not showing properly in the Custom Sections module
    • Fixed a font issue with slider captions
    • Other fixes and improvements
  • Bug fixes

23rd November, 2015

  • Alphabetically sorted the color option list
  • Fixed popup not working
  • Journal updated to 2.6.7
    • Fixed an issue with Journal Push Options selectors
    • Fixed an issue with Google ReCaptcha in the Popup module
    • Fixed an issue with the Recently Viewed module
    • Fixed an issue with the date picker option
    • Fixed an issue with main menu category images
    • Fixed a voucher issue in the Quick Checkout
    • Updated Google Fonts library
    • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Bug fixes

15th October, 2015

  • Journal updated to 2.6.5
    • Added support for product modules to display related products on blog post pages.
    • Fixed an issue with SuperFilter price slider on touch devices
    • Fixed an issue with the Custom Sections "Default Section" option
    • Fixed an issue with the Mobile Detect class
    • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Feedback button position fix
  • Duplicate preview in one page checkout
  • Bug fixes

28th September, 2015

  • Added admin sidebar link to for access to the new ShirtTools feature request area
  • Journal updated to 2.6.4
    • Redesigned the Disable on Mobile / Desktop mechanism to also include tablets. This will reset the previous Disable on Mobile options to OFF. You can now turn them ON/OFF independently via the new Enable on: Phone/Tablet/Desktop meachnism.
    • Added tooltips to the Push Image Options to display the option name
    • Fixed a Quick Checkout issue with the date/time picker
    • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Bug fixes

2nd September, 2015

  • Journal updated to 2.6.2

  • Bug fixes

25th August, 2015

1st August, 2015

  • New text effects on the designer including curve, arc, bulge and more!

  • Remove color (background) from uploaded images

  • Convert uploaded images to single color

  • Switchable from admin and can be rolled back by customer

  • Enable/disable the product mouseover on design templates

  • Bug fixes

1st July, 2015

  • Show product preview on cart page

  • Download Google Font Pack from Shirttools Admin

  • Journal updated to 2.5.4

    • Added "Header Notice" module which can be used for Cookie Law or other messages. The module renders above the header.
    • Added "View Cart" and "Checkout" buttons to the Add to Cart Notification
    • Added Carousel Mode option to the Banners module
    • Added new stop positions for the Sticky Header, "Full" and "Menu".
    • Added posibility to change next/previous image in the Photo Gallery large image by clicking on the left/right halves of the screen.
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements

1st June, 2015

  • Journal Update 2.5.2

  • Journal one page checkout

  • Cliparts and Design Templates are now separated into their own admin menus

  • Design Templates have been improved with the following features

    • Individual objects can be locked so customers can change them but not move them
    • Design Templates can be configured to stop customers adding more objects to the design area
    • Saved Design Templates can now be edited
    • You can restrict a Design Template to only show on products that you select. The product images are displayed when a customer hovers over the template.
    • Design Templates can be tagged with searchable keywords
    • Design Templates can be searched by keyword and category on the Design Templates page (www.your domain/template)
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements

    • ST-Color now displayed alphabetically
    • ST-Grid-Color now displayed alphabetically
    • Objects now added to the center of the design area

24th March, 2015

  • Checkout now displays the unit price in grid format

  • Set the background color for the design templates

  • Set the background color for the cliparts

  • Load the cliparts in the designer as they are viewed to speed up the display

  • Labels displayed on the products in the admin area to identify if designable

  • Enable/Disable the stroke feature on the designer

  • Help documentation links throughout the admin area

  • New Journal 2.4.8

  • Bug fixes

12th January, 2015

  • Added a new feature to show and hide the "Add to Cart" button on the product page. This is located in the ShirtTools > Settings menu > General Tab

  • Journal theme update to 2.4.4

  • Modified the ShirtTools User Defined Font uploader to work with the latest Font Squirrel webfont generator

  • Various small fixes and improvements

22th December, 2014

  • Added customer quotation feature

  • Lock scaling on designer

  • Drag to select multiple object in designer

  • New object alignment feature in designer

  • Latest version of Journal 2.4.3

  • Speed and stability improvements to the designer

  • Product in designer can be disabled in sort order

  • Pinch to scale selected object

  • Miscellaneous bug fix and improvement

18th November, 2014

  • Journal 2.3.3 update

    • Added individual Push Options at the product page
    • Added information page separate font settings
    • Added product page separate title settings
    • Added Multilanguage images to the Fullscreen Slider module
    • Added Send Enquiry functionality to the product grid/list Add to Cart buttons
    • Added Journal Blog. See documentation entry.
    • Added Multilanguage Images for Sliders and Banners modules.
    • Added Contact Form functionality to Popup module. See documentation entry (Contact Form section)
    • Added ability to open any Popup module from buttons or links. See documentation entry (Buttons & Links section).
    • Added ability for Add to Cart button at the product page to be replaced with Send Enquiry type buttons that can open a Popup module with a contact form. See documentation entry (Description / Enquiry section).
    • Added ability to use any Product Tab as the original product description (hides the original descripion in the tabs area to allow for different placement).
    • Added option to show the number of products sold at the product page. Settings > Product Page > Product Details > Product Stats > Sold Count.
    • Added Push Select feature for checkboxes, radio buttons and images for product options at the product page.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements and Bug Fixes

30th October, 2014

  • Journal theme has been updated to 2.2.5 with two new features and various bug fixes

  • The clipart category now accepts multiple languages

  • It is now possible to set the All category as default category in the designer

  • If any words that are added to the designer are too long to fit in the design area they will be re-sized to fit

  • Show an alert message if a customer does not input a design name before saving

  • Design thumbnail previews have been added to the cart and product page

6th August, 2014

  • New feature - Allow easy customization of the designer page background

  • New feature - The online designer now works in multi language

  • Updated designer code for improved speed and stability

  • Usability feature - SKU can now be added in upper case

  • Fixes and improvements - iPad alignment, price formatting, vinyl colour selector in admin now displays on small screen devices

14th July, 2014

  • Update to Journal Theme 2.2.3

  • Various fixes and improvements

3rd July, 2014

  • This update includes the Journal 2 ShirtTools Design Template Module and SEO friendly link.

1st July, 2014

  • Update to Journal version 2.2 The new Journal theme is enabled from your Extensions > Modules area. First you must uninstall all current Journal modules before enabling the new version then you must select and activate the new theme in your System > Settings > Store Tab.

    Updating to the new Journal 2.2 will remove all your old modules and layout. You will be starting with a blank website with no menus, sliders or graphics. You need to create your theme from scratch so only install Journal 2.2 if you are confident you can manage this.

29th May, 2014

  • Preload product image colors in designer (speed improvement)

  • Move share button below the mobile mode toolbar when viewed on a small screen device

  • Change the continue shopping button to green (usability improvement)

  • Fix pricing bug on size/color grid

  • CSS fix to product page

  • Slider fix to the mask design area tab

12th May, 2014

  • Added design area masking for irregular shaped products

  • Modified product page to show color/size grid after design has been made

  • Added ability to control clipart categories on the designer

  • Added ability to control product categories on the designer

  • Added option to select which product color loads in the designer first

  • Added option to control which tab is open by default when the designer launches

  • Moved vinyl price under the new designer categories menu

  • Modified the store owners email to display the order details in grid format

  • Modified the order artwork tab to display the order details in grid format

19th April, 2014

  • Design template module feature added for content above/below and side column

  • Added category filter and page limit to the design template page

  • Made the design template page ajax based

  • Updated Opencart to

  • Updated bootstrap to 3.1.1

11th April, 2014

  • Important update - General fixes

5th April, 2014

  • It is now possible to create Design Templates for Vinyl as well as DTG associated products

  • Fix to the default clipart category display in the designer

  • Fix to Design Template admin area and other minor reported issues

28th March, 2014

  • Allow right/left placement of the currency symbol on the design tool

  • Fix to allow the use of the Journal button select list

  • Usability improvement of the stroke feature in the design tool

24th March, 2014

  • Changed the position of Login and Close Button

  • Added Custom Language Editor

  • Pricing Logic Fix

  • Product Swapping after design is made to the designed product

  • Added custom.css for front end to override user specific css modification

  • Miscellaneous Bug Fix

19th February, 2014

  • Added share design button to the online designer

  • Opencart updated the the latest version

  • Minor bug fixes

23rd January, 2014

  • Best fit for user upload artwork in designer

  • Designer CSS fix for mobile/tablet

  • Designer upload reload alert message added

20th January, 2014

  • Fixed duplicate color option in designer

  • Update opencart version to

  • Added Grid Feature

  • Allowed Upload Artwork enable/disable feature

20th December, 2013

  • Real time price display in designer

  • Added opencart vqmod files

  • Allowed output size from 10cm to 8cm for business cards

6th December, 2013

  • Google Font API path permission issue fixed

  • Designer product tab scrollbar fix

  • Update the designer css to Bootstrap v3.0.3

  • Artwork path fix segregated as years and month

  • Enabled GZip compression on designer

  • Shirttools update with notification for core files modified

1st December, 2013

  • Beta Launch

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