Got a printing business?

Make custom orders profitable with our online designer tool.

Shirttools is an ecommerce platform designed for the printing industry.
It consists of a website, e-commerce store and an online designer tool  which customers use to personalize products online.

The online designer supports Full Color Digital printing, Sublimation, Direct To Garment (DTG), Vinyl Cutting and Screen-Printing.
How it works.
Upload any type of product to the store,
choose to sell it blank or make it customizable.
Set up print prices based on design location, like this.
Or charge by the total amount of printed sides, like this.

Print any 1 side for = (your price here)
Print any combination of 2 sides for = (your price here)
Print any combination of 3 sides for = (your price here)
Print any combination of 4 sides for = (your price here)

The print area can be any shape you like.
Choose how to get paid.
Shirttools is compatible with over 150 payment gateways.
Download designs as print ready artwork.
When a customer places an order you will be notified of a new sale.
1) Login to the admin area to see the order details.
2) Download designs as vector or PNG.
Manage your business on the go!
Run your store from your pocket
Stores are mobile responsive. They scale to fit the device they are being viewed on.
The admin area is mobile responsive so you can view orders and manage the store on any device.
The online designer works on mobile devices. Pinch to zoom and tap to select.
Shirttools stores pass the Google mobile-friendly test.
Unlike other online providers, we don’t charge you monthly fees or take a commision on sales. When you buy Shirttools you pay once and own the software for life.
Happy customers.

angel-imageryIan & Maxine Jones

Angel Imagery

“I have just started using Shirt Tools for the first time and found it easy to add my products, the support is first class. ”
17th April

kusteezPatrick Atlan


“On behalf of Shawn, Dan  and Myself, we would like to sincerely thank you for all of your assistance. We hope this is going to be the first of many endeavours we will be pursuing together”
17th February

qtcoDavid Ashenden


” Really haven’t had any problems or issues with the software at all.
If I have a question, Dean and his team provide feedback and tech support quickly.”

14th May

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